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Cool Peel Treatment

1hr £55

This revolutionary approach to peeling achieves incredible results without damaging the skin. Low strength lactic acid is used to reduce the skin’s PH and trigger the release of growth factors, which creates tighter, smoother skin. It destroys bacteria, boosts hydration and removes the build-up of dead skin cells, helping to decongest the surface and smooth its texture. The Cool Peel is ideal for clients with lines and wrinkles, rough or problem skin, sun damage and rosacea.

Steam and Extraction can be added to any facial Elemis or Environ from £10

This is one of the highest quality supplement ranges you can buy. Our team of expert nutritionists bring you the very best premium ingredients available on the market today. We work closely with our suppliers and rigorously test our nutrients to make sure that they are of the highest quality, exceeding industry standards.

Made  in the UK Manufactured to the highest quality standard

Comply with ISO9001:2008 and BRC Tests to ensure quality of raw ;ingredients and end products

Premium ingredients carefully monitored for purity Our fish oil supplier is a member of a global organisation which sets ;the highest standards for removing environmental toxins and their products are sustainably sourced scientifically researched formulations. quality ingredients. feeding skin from within. promote health and vitality. environmental awareness.

Simplicity of delivery is the key. We believe that for those who have never taken a supplement or considered their nutrition as part of their health and skin care, the ‘feeding the skin from within’ concept is easily assimilated. For those who do understand the concept of needing supplements the days of standing in front of shelves trying to work out what they need, in addition to their ’multi-vit’ over. We have developed a total range that covers skincare, health, vitality and anti-ageing as well as areas of well-being that encompass weight loss, food intolerance, digestion along with bone and joint support.


Jane Iredale is the president and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, a company she founded in 1994 which brought the mineral makeup line jane Iredale to the aesthetic industry. She was the first to supply this industry with a line of makeup that had skin care benefits.

Make up lessons with a fully qualified make up artist Make up lessons £40

Spend over £150 on products and and receive make up lesson for £20 pend over £300 on products and and receive make up lesson for free Occasional make up   £40