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Slimming Clinic

Weight Loss tablets – £15 per week.


These pills are stimulants. You will feel less hungry and your metabolic rate will increase which will help burn off the fat. This will lead to weight loss. These pills are an aid to weight loss, alone they may cause weight loss, but calorie intake has to be reduced i.e you have to eat less, you have to stop carbohydrates (e.g.bread) and you have to do cardio exercises.

Pills will stimulate the heart rate, blood pressure will go up, and you will feel hyper-excited. Sleeping will be a problem due to over stimulation. Start by taking 1/2 tablet for a few days then increase to 1 tablet. If you feel over-excited reduce back to 1/2.

Call or text Nikki for comprehensive price list and dates: 07789696433

Blood pressure and weight will be monitored at every visit.

Please note: These pills are stimulants; they will stimulate the heart rate.

Let’s Face it Together

Puts people in touch with cosmetic, dental, bariatric, and hair restoration surgeons abroad. By seeking out the most advanced clinics and hospitals, with surgeons contributing with their skill, experience and expertise, we are able to provide the highest quality treatment abroad.


London clinic offering treatment in London or Budapest Full mouth restoration, implants crowns veneers half price the price of UK dentists
Cosmetic surgery in Belgium Free consultations in Brentwood Breast enlargement - £2600 Breast lift - £3875 Tummy tuck - £3880 Call for full price list
Belgium hair loss surgery Up to 3000 grafts - £5000 Up to 6000 grafts - £8000 Up to 9000 grafts - £12000