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Slimming Clinic


1 Weeks worth of Tablets only £15.00!


The slimming clinic is at Claridges Beauty and Tanning 3 times a month on a Saturday morning 9 til 1 or a Tuesday evening 5 til 7. Registration is required and no appointment is necessary.

Blood pressure and weight will be monitored at every visit.

Please note: These pills are stimulants; they will stimulate the heart rate.

Slimming Clinic Advice Sheet



Advice for Phentermine and Diethylpropion

These pills are stimulants. You will feel less hungry and your metabolic rate will increase which will help burn off the fat. This will lead to weight loss. These pills are an aid to weight loss, alone they may cause weight loss, but calorie intake has to be reduced i.e you have to eat less, you have to stop carbohydrates (e.g.bread) and you have to do cardio exercises.

Pills will stimulate heart rate, blood pressure will go up, and you will feel ‘hyper-excited. Sleeping will be a problem due to over-stimulation. Start by taking ½ tablet for few days then increase to 1 tablet. If you feel over-excited reduce to ½.

Take the pills as early as possible in the morning. Drink lots of water during the day, as the mouth will feel dry. Have your blood pressure and weight checked frequently.


Weight reduction depends on number of criteria:

1)  Food quantity. Reducing calories leads to weight loss. Average calorie intake per day for woman is 2000 and 2500 for man. To lose weight calorie intake has to be below 1000 per day.

2)  Type of food. High protein diet causes weight loss, because a hormone is released that makes you less hungry. Eat lots of green vegetables. Avoid carbohydrates and starchy foods eg potatoes. Sugar will make you feel hungry, avoid fruit as this has high sugar content, avoid alcohol especially white wine.

3)  Exercise. Daily exercise stimulates high metabolic rate for several hours. Walk fast or jog gently:  3 minutes per day, so that you are breathless. 3 mins per day is sufficient, remember you have to be breathless i.e out of breath. Increase this by a minute every week if possible.

4)  Counselling. We have access to private psychological counselling if you feel there are underlying issues that makes you eat more even when you are full.  Or you can ask your GP to refer you on the NHS.

5)  Metabolic rate. Some people have a high metabolic rate, food eaten is broken down quickly and not converted to fat. Most overweight people have low metabolic rate. Eating small amounts of food 3-4 times a day stimulates metabolic rate. Do not miss meals, eating regularly will lead to high metabolic rate. Most people make the mistake of not eating regularly this slows the metabolic rate leading to weight gain.

6)  Possible medical causes. There are some medical causes of weight gain e.g hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCO). Ask your GP for Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs) and pelvic scan if these conditions are suspected. At the same time have your blood glucose checked.

7)  Slimming diet pills. (Phentermine and Diethylpropion). These work on the brain by reducing appetite and also by stimulating metabolic rate. Most people lose weight when they take these pills. Pills are not recommended for long term use. Keeping weight down in the long term means eating less, eating right food, and doing some exercise.

Caution: these pills will test positive in urine drug tests. Depending on your occupation e.g. Police officer, PSV Driver. you should check with HR or line-manager before starting Pills. These pills may be banned in certain jobs.

Please remember we cannot guarantee weight loss with these Pills. Most people do lose weight.

Updated May 2015