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Spray Tans


Spray tanning is another way to achieve that beautiful bronze skin tone that everyone wishes for. It’s a way of tanning that has replaced sun bathing. More people prefer spray tanning to get that instant tan. Nowadays everyone wants that Hollywood look & Spray Tanning is the easiest way to get it. Spray Tanning is the quickest way to get a great tan and it can take as little as ten minutes. You can get spray tanned professionally at Claridges Beauty Salon. Be sure to take the proper steps before & after a spray tan session, to get the best long lasting results.

Spray Tan Pricing


Tanning Treatment Prices
Original (perfect for first time tanners) Prices
Full Body £22.00
1/2 Body £17.00
Darker (For experienced tanners and someone who wants that deeper darker tan) Prices
Full Body £25.00
1/2 Body £20.00
Gold (The Rolls Royce of tanning perfect for bridal bronzing and mature clients due to its high content of anti-oxidants as well as Vitamin A & E Prices
Full Body (60 mins) £25.00
1/2 Body £20.00
60 Minutes For Tanners on the go, 1 hour for a golden tan, 2 hours for a bronze tan, 3 hours for a darker tan (MUST not be left on for more than 3 hours) Prices
Full Body (60 mins) £25.00
1/2 Body £20.00
Face Spray Face only £8.00

For a deeper tan or contouring, return within 24 hours and get 20% off

Spray Tanning Tips

  • Scrub body before your tan is applied for better long lasting results
  • Please use disposables if required
  • Remove make-up and deodorant
  • Use Fake-bake moisturizer on hands, elbows, knees and feet only
  • Dont touch walls, equipment or your body until dry
  • Do not get wet or sweat during developing time
  • Leave on for at least 6 to 8 hours for original/darker/gold
  • 1 to 3 hours for 60 minutes
  • Use Fake Bake scrub and moisteriser to prolong your tan