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Time Prices
Luxura X7 Sunbed (Book a course & get 20% discount on a full size cream.) 55p per minute
60 minute course £30 (50p per minute)
120 minute course £54 (45p per minute)


IP Control This Intelligent Power Control System guarantees an optimal output during the entire lifecycle of the lamps. IP Control achieves a lamp lifecycle of 1500 hours! Energy consumption of the lamps will reduce by up to 25%.
XL Light

These XL lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.

Smart Voice

A friendly voice will guide the user acoustically through the different functions. It will describe all possibilities, turning the tanning session into a miniature holiday.

BPS Balanced Power System: a special filter for the SLi facial tanner that provides a perfect balance of UVA and UVB up to the optimal tanning level.
Contour Plus Feel the comfort of the bed’s ergonomically formed surface, designed to follow the body’s shape.

A gentle, naturally refreshing mist is sprayed across the body at intervals.

Sunbeds from April 2009 will be effected by EU regulations in the United Kingdom on all installations. The regulation covers the whole of Europe ( EN number 60335-2-27 )

All sunbeds (installed from April 1st 2009) must comply to the new output limit of sunbeds to 0.3W/m2 erythemally weighted (the burning rays). “Which our sunbeds do” All electrical equipment must comply to the “General Product Safety Regulations 2005” and this regulation is being sited to define if equipment is “safe”. If Sun tanning equipment being off ered is not 0.3 compliant then it could be defi ned as “unsafe”. The output of tanning equipment will be comparable to the a natural mid-day tropical sun so that the new generation of tanning lamps used in sunbeds will provide a higher UVA content ( the tanning ray ). This will result in tanning customers getting a deeper tan that will be long-lasting, safer and gentler to their skin.