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New Polygel

The biggest product breakthrough in nail enhancements. Polygel is 23% lighter than acrylic. Stronger than hard gels and more flexible than acrylics. No airborne dust and no odour

Full set tips and clear polygel £40.00
Full set tips and French polygel £43.50
Tips Polygel and Gelish £51.00
Polygel infill and Gelish £45.50
Polygel clear overlay/infilll £34.50
Polygel French overlay/infill £37.50
Polygel buff and Gelish £29.00
Buff and re varnish £22.50
individual tip/polygel/gelish (from)£5.00
Individual poygel (from) £4.50
Individual polygel/gelish (from) £5.00
Soak of and prepair (from) £5.00